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Marketing Guru

Winston-Salem, NC
Job Type

Job Summary

Hi - I'm Timothy and I run a company called 97 Display. Basic info about us:

  • Software company, located in innovation quarter DT Winston Salem.
  • 20 Employees
  • 600 accounts.
  • Winners Only - We only hire people who push us to be the best.
  • We are the best fitness & martial arts website and inbound marketing company in the world.

The Problem: I need help promoting our brand back to our base to increase B2B sales, communication of features/product training, outbound marketing of our brand & partner referral channel marketing. This includes, but is not limited to, webinars, live videos, client interaction and support.

Big Goal: I want a greater % of our customers to use our features, & I need to continually invest in our brand perception in our vertical. Can you help champion our brand back to our customer base?


Step 1: Apply for this job on Indeed.

Step 2: Add me as a friend on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/timothysarazen

Step 3: Pretend you are a local business (any local business). Pretend I am a lead within your database. Message me on facebook in an attempt to reconnect/signup/try something out/sell something/meet up. Check out the example below to spark your creativity:


Hey Timothy!

What's the hardest part about working out in January? The gym is PACKED & CROWDED!

Because of this I'm doing something CRAZY to end the month strong for my personal training clients.

I'm giving away ten 1 on 1 training vouchers for only $10!

1 on 1 means no waiting for equipment or dealing with crowded spaces!

Tim - would you want me to send you one of these vouchers? I'm only selling 10 of them, so let me know soon because I will probably run out this week.

Get the voucher here: www.exampleurl.com


If you are currently working & excelling at your role... please apply anyways.

If you love your current job and feel like you're winning... please apply anyways.

I am mostly interested in hiring someone who is currently excelling in their role.

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