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Digital Marketing Specialist - Sales

Winston-Salem, NC
Job Type

Job Opening: Digital Marketing Specialist - Sales


Essential details: We're a marketing software company - downtown Winston Salem - we make websites for fitness and martial arts businesses. We're Growing Rapidly - team of 17 people - growing to 21 people by end of 2017. Technology driven - huge market - unlimited opportunity. Full time - benefits - the whole package.

Successful candidates will make around 50k year 1, 60k year 2, 70k+ going forward. (at least... that's what my current employees made the last few years.. but maybe you can beat them?)

The Job:

We serve businesses globally, and there's a massive need for what we do. We just need help getting the word out. This job is just that - getting the word out to our market about what we do and how we can help. It's cold calling, e-mailing, Facebook messaging - hosting webinars - and any other ideas you have to get our website product in front of them. You'll be introducing our product and setting demos for other members of your team.

The catch? You have to be good. Really good.

You have to be OK with hard work.

You have to be able to learn & grow

You have to be good on the phone

You have to come up with new ideas and contribute

You have to be team orientated

You have be hungry for success.

I don't care about your experience.

I don't care about your education.

I care only about your attitude and your work ethic and whether you're going to crush it at 97 Display.

(my last hire in this role had 0 years of experience. He listened, learned, was humble and worked hard and make 55k last year).

I have a database of 20,000 qualified leads and I need someone to start working them. Are you the person I'm looking for?

Stalk us at www.97display.com

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