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We are Hiring!

Does advancing technologies and developing product prototypes sound exciting? Are you creative and tenacious?
Are you a technical expert?

Come join our successful business builders and apply for the appropriate opening below.

About Alligant Scientific LLC

Alligant has developed an innovative solution with patents pending, which is comprised of materials assessment algorithms and electronics components that can be applied to a diverse set of industries and products. The technology is based on advanced algorithms and a material additive process at a high-fidelity level that will transform applications ranging from battery capacity restoration to oil pipeline integrity assessment, repair and life extension.

Alligant’s technology is immediately relevant to multiple industries across all geographies. The following five markets, have surfaced as some of the highest potential for Alligant to target:

* Quality Mapping / Non-destructive Evaluation
* Advanced Materials Finishing / PCB manufacturing
* Welding / Similar and dissimilar materials joining
* Corrosion Suppression
* Battery Fading

Current openings

Thank you for your interest in Alligant Scientific LLC. We do not have any job openings at the moment. Please come back again later.

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