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Asheville Soaps Ambassador

Asheville, NC
Job Type
Salary: $17,520.00 /year


We are a federally authorized tax deductible non-profit startup company looking for new individuals to join our team in a part-time consignment capacity. As we grow we intend to hire full-time employees in the areas in which our soap is sold. This is a good opportunity for someone with a long term goal to be financially independent.

The Asheville Soap Company is currently hiring ambassadors to represent our brand, you would be provided our products a wholesale price to sell to festivals, generic customers, retail stores, restaurants, or other such individuals / groups in need of soap.

The salary listed on this position is a current estimate based on our sales being generated by one of our ambassadors in the Winston-Salem NC area. Your results could be much more or less depending on your market, desire, passion, and commitment.

If you are interested in selling our products as an "Asheville Soaps Ambassador" please apply.


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