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Production / Packaging

Batavia, NY
Job Type
Salary: $11.00 /hour

Role and Responsibilities

Responsible for the trimming and packaging of plastic spray bottles and other plastic products. Removal of access material when needed, packaging and efficiently keeping up with production in order to meet company quota and standards. Fast paced environment, must be able to work an 8 hour shift on your feet, handle repetitive hand motions, and maintain a clean and well kept work area. Must be available for all shifts however preferences are considered.

  • weighing and mixing raw materials
  • feeding materials into a machine
  • monitoring production and adjusting machine settings
  • cleaning and maintaining machines
  • trimming excess plastic from products
  • recording the amount of raw material used
  • quality control checks and reporting problems
  • labeling, stacking and packing products

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Pre Employment Drug Screen
  • Practical Skills, Math Skills, Record Keeping Skills, Attention to Detail

Additional information

  • Ability to stand on your feet for entire 8 hour shift
  • Will need to maintain and adhere to a fast paced production rate
  • Must be diligent, on time, and punctual
  • The ability to maintain a repetitive motion through out the day and keep up with assembly
  • PLEASE CALL 585.219.4725 or email us your resume!

Current openings

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