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Customer Care Representative (Full-time)

Geneva, IL
Job Type


We are looking for friendly team players that exceed our and our client’s expectations. Applicants must be warm, professional, trustworthy, dependable, self-motivated, attentive to detail, quick witted, able to work well under pressure, take direction, be efficient, and work well with other staff members. And let's not forget you must genuinely care for animals! Candidates must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and have excellent customer service and people skills. The ability to multi task and have a great eye for detail are also required. Previous management experience and/or knowledge of the animal industry is a plus, although not required. Pay determined by experience and results. Weekends & Holidays a Must.

Besides client customer service, you will work heavily, hands on, with pets. We have and expect ALL of our employees to continue to learn and educate themselves within the industry: First-Aid, CPR, Medical, behavior, obedience, products, etc.

Office staff is front line and must sell the company to potential clients walking in, and we pride ourselves on higher-end knowledge (we can teach as long as initiative is there). Will need to be able to handle a physical job with great customer service skills, conflict resolution, multi-tasking in a fast paced environment as well as follow through.

Office staff also helps out our other departments, you will get your hands dirty. :)


  • Responsible for maintaining 1st Impressions every time: Physical esthetics, Greetings, Quality
  • Making/confirming reservations for all departments
  • Checking guests In/Out
  • Answering phones/returning calls
  • Maintaining medical records/calling vets
  • Promote/Informative/upsell of retail items and service add on’s
  • Filing and organizing
  • Must know what is going on in all departments for guest communications, care, facility tours, etc.
  • Discuss dog related topics with clients confidently/informatively
  • Provide knowledgeable tours of our facility to prospective clients
  • Calm, professional, positive attitude and handle conflict resolution with clients
  • Must be accountable to see through client leads/projects/requests/issue from beginning to end
  • Leadership and Management positions should be able to help create and establish written procedures and policies, as well as motivate staff. Setup & maintain a structured environment.

Skill requirements:

  • Confident Computer skills
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to resolve minor issues
  • Great Multi-tasker
  • Ability to read dogs body language (can teach)
  • Professional, positive, high energy, warm personality
  • Diffusing stressful situations and keeping calm to work through
  • Pro-active with planning ahead & foreseeing
  • Going above and beyond for the client within policy/procedures
  • Impeccable organizational skills
  • Punctual

Physical requirements:

  • Handling dogs pulling, jumping, barking
  • Must be able to lift at least 60 pounds
  • Be comfortable around ALL types of breeds and sizes of dogs, cats & other small mammals. (Reminder: Great Danes can be 100+ pounds)


  • We want the candidates who will continue educating themselves on their own and with the company on areas within the pet industry..
  • May have to substitute/help out in other areas of facility example daycare, kennel, bathing
  • Moderate cleaning duties including cleaning up after dogs, scrubbing, mopping and wiping down
  • Must be able to work nights/weekends/holidays/summers
  • Due to nature of the job and having animals overnight and in our care 24 hours a day, 365 days year; We need someone who is either local or does not mind driving in if needed, last minute, cover a shift, do a split shift in winter weather without it being an issue.
  • We are looking for reliable people only that do not cut corners in their work.
  • You must be able to handle 150 lb dog and lift at least 60 lbs without struggling.
  • You must be able to handle big, high energy dogs & be able to or learn to read body language.
  • Reminder: mandatory Holidays, Summers, & weekends.
  • No Snow nor Rain nor other bad weather conditions will keep employees away from getting to the facility to care for the pets staying with us.
  • Live animals rely on the punctuality and the excellent attendance of employees; therefore there is low tolerance for tardiness and absenteeism
  • There are 2 shifts per day (excluding Night Kennel Position) for all DePAW departments:

There are 2 shifts per day (excluding Night Kennel Position) for all DePAW departments:

Mon-Sun store hours: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Mon-Sun: 6:00 am - 1:30 pm and 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Holidays: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm and 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Pay based on experience; Raises & other perks based on performance, loyalty, and accomplishments
  • Opportunities will arise for kennel staff to learn & partake in daycare so they are cross trained (after their position has been established)
  • You can expect it to take up to a full year to be trained and completely confident & fluent in your department.

Working with animals definitely has it’s rewards (and it is why we do it), but because they have teeth can be dangerous. They rely on us to care for them. We need someone who has a lot of energy, honest & kind to animals = trust is a big deal. Knowing this is labor intensive and hard work and are committed to the animals as well as the company is who we are looking for to join our team!

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Preferred experience:

  • Working a Vet Clinic or Pet Store or Dog Day Care or Kennel: 1 year
  • Customer Service: 2 years

Required language:

  • English

Job Type: Full-time


  • Must have full availability

Current openings

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