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Program Coordinator

Carterville, IL
Job Type
Salary: $30,020.00 to $32,469.00 /year

Job Summary

Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Program Manager, the CBO Project Director is responsible for the daily management of the CBO project. The CBO Project Director functions as a working project manager, actively involved with the service provider network,community organizations, and clientele. The CBO Project Director serves as their representative of the EAAA in approving and signing official reports and assignments of clients. The Executive Director will sign all memorandum of Agreement, letters of agreement,and contracts. The CBO Project Director will abide by the EAAA’s established procedures for internal review and its standard policies and procedures. Responsibilities also include participation in approved training and periodic meetings with EAAA staff.The CBO Program Director and Coordinator serve full-time, participate in activities to coordinate CBO resources with those of related local agencies, and perform duties as authorized by EAAA and in accordance with approved policies and procedures. Each CBO position is required to cross-train responsibilities with other CBO program staff members.The CBO Project Director may participate in activities to coordinate CBO program resources with those of related local agencies, boards, or organizations.

Responsibilities and Duties

1. Plan and develop all phases of CBO operations

2. Assist with hiring, training, and supervising adequate CBO staff to efficiently carry out,maintain, and develop operations of the RSVP program

3. Adhere to and administer personnel policies and procedures for staff consistent with those of the EAAA

4. Provide support, information, and materials for Coordinators and apprise staff of performance according to EAAA personnel policies and procedures

5. Recruit, select, orient, and place clients with service providers

6. Develop and maintain appropriate fiscal, personnel, program, and volunteer records and reports

7. Enhance the total efforts through active involvement with community organizations and other national service programs, where appropriate

8. Implement agreed upon performance and other grant requirements

9. Keep Advisory Council members informed and solicit their participation and advice on matters affecting program operations

10. Work in cooperation with the EAAA staff, Advisory Council, and service providers to obtain resources for programs

11. Plan, develop, and implement ongoing public relation opportunities, including social media, in cooperation with the EAAA

12. Arrange for formal and regular recognition of volunteers, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to the support of CBO

13. Assure client orientation in conjunction with service providers and staff

14. In conjunction with staff, develop and maintain close coordination and relationships with service providers, including review of care plans

15. Provide ongoing support to clients and service providers

16. Assess appropriateness and/or performance of service providers

17. In conjunction with staff, appraise service providers’ performance

18. Attend training conferences conducted or authorized by the EAAA and CBO

19. Recommend program policies and funding line transfers

20. Continually monitor the IT system for referrals and system changes, times sheets,comments, and requests.

21. Perform case management tasks, including facilitating utilization of community resources and special assistance programs and periodic monitoring and follow-up as specified by the work plan.

22. Make contact with the position supervisor at EAAA office regularly.

23. Perform other duties as needed to support a comprehensive, coordinated system of services in southern Illinois.

Qualifications and Skills

1. B.S. degree in human service field required, with emphasis on Social Work,Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, or R.N. degree preferred

2. Flexibility, management skills, computer literacy, and personal transportation are required

3. Experience managing federal grants is preferred

4. Must have strong written and oral communication skill necessary for preparing grants,written reports, and giving oral presentations and training

5. Ability to attend after hours and weekend meetings/events is required when necessary

6. Regional travel is required

7. Familiarity with Community and government health and social services is highly desirable.

8. There must be sensitivity to and awareness of the special life conditions of senior adults. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required. Ability to work with and develop cooperative relationships with other agencies and providers of service is necessary.

9. Have vehicle in good working condition available on the job and a valid Illinois driver’s license.

10. Training includes a general orientation by the EAAA and completion approved training.


2-weeks vacation per year

3 personal days per year

12 sick days per year

Pension plan

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Work schedule is Monday-through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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