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CrossFit Head Coach

New York, NY
Job Type

Head Coach Duties and Responsibilities

The head coach is the team captain of EVF Performance, home of CrossFit Columbus Circle. They embody excellence from all points of performance. The head coach is someone who works relentlessly at improving themselves; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. At any given time the head coach must be able to take the lead role of any class, of any office responsibility, and of any business responsibility. The head coach is an acting owner of EVF Performance and its core values, without owning any true stake in the business. The head coach will not just be the head coach to the community, but also the head coach to the entire coaching staff. At any given point, the head coach will and must be able to acquire new coaching staff members, terminate any staff members, and adjust any staff members roles based upon what is best for EVF and the CrossFit Columbus Circle community. Our staff is made up of gym members with a thirst for improving the lives of those around us, within our CrossFit Columbus Circle community and extended beyond that. The diversity of our team allows for the absolute best experience for our CrossFit Columbus Circle community. If that experience is lost at any point, it is the head coach’s responsibility to fix that situation. We never lose sight of excellence, ever.


  • Leadership – individually, as a team leader of the coaching staff, as a leader of the CrossFit Columbus Circle community
  • Development – individually as an athlete, individually as a coach, and as a leader and member of the staff
  • Sales and Profitability – have a full understanding that new and continued membership sales are the primary driver of the success of CrossFit Columbus Circle
  • Coach – be able to teach any class and any movement to any athlete
  • Movement – having a full understanding of all movements as well as any scales and progressions for those movements; with or without a barbell, including all gymnastics
  • Nutrition – have a grounded and sound understanding of proper nutrition practices and the ability to teach those practices
  • Desire – to become a better coach each and every day, to become a better student each and every day, and to become a better person each and every day


1) Be able to effectively coach all types of classes, including:

  • CrossFit OnRamp
  • EVF’s signature CrossFit unloaded 360 program (indoor and outdoor)
  • EVF specialty classes including gymnastics, mobility, and EVF kids, and coach individual clients

2) Understand how to effectively modify every work out for any level of athlete; whether an athlete in class or an athlete who is receiving individual programming

3) Capable of writing a full program design, based off of proper cycling; for either the general population, athlete specific, or goal specific

4) Perform social media responsibilities; Facebook, Instagram

5) Track membership visits and keep up with member retention; weekly and daily member check ins

6) Maintain excellence in coach education and coach on-boarding, which includes contributing to weekly coach staff meetings, recruiting talented coaches, and creating and monitoring the coach internship program

7) Pursue continuing education to further your base of knowledge

8) Produce and create positive and warm content that could educate our community and attract members; blog posts, videos, podcasts, interviews

9) Attend and assist with any and all CrossFit Columbus Circle community events; educational, charitable, or social

10) Perform bi-annual reviews of coaching staff

11) Work closely with EVF staff on creating sales of new memberships; intro classes, community outreach, drop in conversions


Performance of the head coach will be determined by:

1) Membership retention

2) Membership referrals and surveys

3) Relationship improvements of the community

4) Weekly check-in responsibilities:

  • Members, with a focus on new client/onramp experience
  • Coaches of CrossFit Columbus Circle, full time or part time
  • Any potential business partners, corporate relationships or local businesses
  • Studio manager and/or operating officer

5) Constantly Improving:

  • Education; program design, mobility, human movement, specialization courses, special populations
  • Coaching Staff; improving the standard to which other coaches look up to in all aspects.
  • Business processes and offer innovative solutions where necessary
  • Relationships; understand and respond to member and coach questions and concerns to foster community


  • CrossFit L1 certification is required. CrossFit L2 certification, and other fitness certifications are not required, but will be highly regarded
  • A minimum of 2 years of coaching experience
  • A minimum of 2 years of leadership experience in the fitness industry, showing the ability to grow revenue and develop staff.
  • Personable, engaging and highly knowledgeable regarding physical exercise and trends within the fitness industry.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Internet and computer savvy
  • CPR/AED certification

Please submit a cover letter, along with your resume detailing why would you be a great fit for the EVF Performance community.

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