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HealthReach careers


Cheyenne, WY
Job Type

In the clinic setting at Healthreach, all levels of EMT’s shall be expected and allowed to perform the following tasks:

- Initial assessment and rooming of patients

- If patient unstable or bleeding, will notify on-site provider immediately

- obtaining and recording vital signs manually and electronically

- Recognition of abnormal vital signs and immediate notification of on-site provider

- Recording allergies, medications and doses, past medical history, past surgical history, social history, family history, and review of systems into the EMR

- Cleansing and dressing of lacerations and skin tears as directed by the treating provider

- Not to include placement of sutures, dermabond, or steri-strips

- Directly assist the treating provider in splinting fractures or other orthopedic injuries

- assist in eye irrigation as directed by the treating provider

- Basic CPR, including delivery of chest compressions and rescue breaths

- begin check-in of occupational physicals, including DOT examinations to include:

- Vital signs

- Vision testing - acuity, color, and stereopsis

- Urine dipstick

- Job specific testing including lifting test, aerobic capacity tests, grip strength and muscle range of motion

- Upon successful completion of training course, will be allowed to perform urine drug screen


In addition to the tasks listed above, paramedics will be expected and allowed to perform the following tasks:

- Placement of peripheral IV access and delivery of NS or LR when ordered by the treating provider

- obtaining peripheral venous blood specimens as ordered by the treating provider

- Inhaled medications including albuterol or duoneb to a patient having trouble breathing as ordered by the treating provider

- Obtaining ECG as ordered by treating provider

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