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Event Manager/ Producer

Portland, OR
Job Type

Henry V -- the Northwest's leading communications agency specializing in live events - seeks to add a seasoned Event Manager/Producer to its winning team. Henry V offers competitive wages, full benefits, and an exciting team atmosphere.

The growth of our company will be dependent on our ability to make things happen for our clients at the highest quality service and competitive price. At the same time, it is critical that we manage client relationships to be mutually beneficial, respectful and continually demonstrative of the value we bring them.

Candidates must have exceptional customer service, leadership, communication, and organization skills. Stop now if you cannot claim all four.

Primary Position Requirements:

Minimum 5 years’ experience in a Event Manager/Producer Role, with a minimum of 2 of those 5 years of experience in event planning or experiential marketing; additional business experience in any capacity a plus. Must be proficient in PowerPoint creation and have an understanding of Audio/Visual equipment. Applicants without a demonstrated 2 years work experience in one or more of the aforementioned categories will be disqualified.

Bachelor Degree preferred.

Your role as Event Manager/Producer puts you in the position of being the public face of our company to your clients and contacts. Success requires that you become an articulate spokesman for Henry V's complete package of event and experience marketing services. Your choices, actions, demeanor, appearance and approach play a major part in each client's experience, perception and future business potential. This role therefore requires your personal commitment to high professional standards designed to protect and expand our business reputation. As a Henry V Producer you will drive profitable execution of live event projects. You will serve as a tactical partner to clients by:

  • Project management & team leadership (including the scheduling and leadership of team meetings)
  • Assisting creative teams in conceptualizing executable and profitable live events
  • Sourcing cost-effective implementation of the creative team’s concepts and plans
  • Project budget creation and executing documentation required by client’s procurement processes
  • Managing projects independently and at times under the direction of a Sr. Producer.
  • Strong communication skills including: clear concise emails, strong grammar, taking direction and clearly disseminating that to appropriate team members, use tact.
  • Logistical research, data comparison and vendor selection
  • Leading project communication and delegation of project duties & responsibilities to other team members and departments
  • Showing forethought in planning. Able to be one step ahead of client and/or account manager requests on a fairly regular basis.
  • Demonstrating accountability for all issues that happen on your projects.
  • Contract negotiation, bargaining and preparation
  • Preparation, implementation & final reconciliation of project estimates and budgets
  • Risk management via interface with controller on contracts, event activities and insurance
  • Preparation of work orders and purchase orders
  • Timely maintenance of master job file
  • Preparation of progress reports
  • Adherence to internal procedures and accounting deadlines
  • Professional and frugal management of company and client resources
  • Fairly and cheerfully sharing office/staff housekeeping duties, responsibilities and chores (i.e. being Special Person, cleaning personal dishes, assisting others, keeping office clean, answering phones, taking messages, covering for teammates, etc.)
  • Ability to accomplish any task with minimal instruction or supervision
  • Frequent business travel and significant on-site event duties

Your performance will be evaluated in the following key categories:

  • Customer Satisfaction, the extent to which your clients and customers are satisfied with the service they receive from Henry V
  • Internal Team Satisfaction, the extent to which your leadership contributes to overall teamwork, collaboration and harmony within the broader Henry V environment
  • Client Invoicing, the extent to which you achieve and maintain accurate and timely client invoicing goal.

General Requirements for all Henry V positions:

  • Drivers license valid for inclusion on company insurance.
  • Keen interest and commitment to business communications, PR, and live corporate events
  • "The buck stops here" attitude
  • Ability to lead
  • Confidence, preparedness, guts, diligence, energy, and charisma
  • Creative, resourceful, and flexible approach to solving problems
  • Excellent investigative and research skills
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountable financial practices
  • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to operate quickly and independently
  • Proficiency in standard business software & technology (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc.)
  • Highly developed organizational and delegation skills excelling at communicating duties and responsibilities to other project team members (both inside and outside the company) with diplomacy and tact.
  • Good instincts; ability to make good decisions and follow through
  • Deep commitment to customer service and quality
  • Honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic
  • Commitment to team work and collaborative solutions
  • Close liaison and cooperation with Henry V Account Managers and other Producers
  • Adherence to internal Henry V procedures and accounting deadlines
  • Professional and frugal management of company resources
  • Regular business travel and on-site event duties
  • Willingness to work extraordinary hours and jump tall buildings in a single bound when required
  • Ability to perform standard on-site event/tradeshow duties
  • Ability to lift 70 lbs
  • Have car and good driving record
  • Sense of humor

The bottom line:

All positions require a significant level of industry experience, focused professionalism, a strong work ethic and deep commitment to customer service.

If you are not turned on by irrational clients, impossible deadlines, grumpy (sometimes) co-workers, and grueling hours, then you probably shouldn't apply. We work hard and play hard (but you have to do the hard work first. . .).

EEOC Notices :

Position requires: sitting or standing for long periods of time, lifting up to 70 pounds; extensive use of computer; visual identification, discrimination, and proof reading of client branded materials; driving an automobile; regular national or international travel but with out-of-town stays rarely exceeding seven days; non-compete agreement required, non-disclosure agreement required.

Salaried, full-time, exempt, Health, 401k, Paid vacation, sick and holidays, and other benefits after introductory period. Henry V is an equal opportunity employer.

How To Apply:

Respond by email only with a cover letter specifying minimum salary requirement and resume. No telephone or postal inquires please.

Henry V is an equal opportunity employer.

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