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Lean UX Designer

Leeds, West Yorkshire
Job Type

Why you'd like to apply

You are looking to join an exciting and growing business where people are valued for the contribution they make.

You don't sit in a box called UX, but want to explore the boundaries of user research, business analysis and service design to develop user-centred and business-focused services.

How you operate

Your approach is collaborative, consultative and analytical. You're happy to hand the whiteboard markers to your colleagues and facilitate the design process.

Every design challenge is a problem to be reduced into constituent parts and the important aspects tackled as a priority.

Being user-centred isn't just the right thing to say, but is an approach you believe in passionately and which involves understanding user needs, motivations and pain points. Being business-focused is understanding and addressing the challenges of delivering complex and highly transactional services into public and private sector enterprises.

What you do

  • Approach design challenges from the ground up, understanding user and business drivers, the policy and legal constraints and the true opportunity to be delivered
  • Deliver pragmatic designs to real world challenges
  • Start with the broad UX strategy and service design and focus into detail at the point of delivery
  • Focus on design detail and ascertain user value and impact as part of the users' experience of the service
  • Undertake design research and translate research findings into refined service and interaction designs that provide usable, valuable and feasible experiences to users
  • Undertsand and facilitate the design process from initial sketches through to prototypes and design artifacts that support the technical service delivery process


Permanent preferred, although contract applications considered

Current openings

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