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Backend Developer C/C++ (f/m)

12099 Berlin
Job Type

Backend Developer C/C++ (Full-Time)

| About us

HOLOPLOT truly disrupts sound and the way it will be experienced in the future!

During the last five years, we developed and manufactured a highly innovative and worldwide unique professional sound system, consisting of hardware and software, which differentiates fundamentally from any other system in the world.

With our software, for the first time ever, sound waves can now be controlled similar to light! HOLOPLOT can precisely determine, even on larger distances, where sound will be heard – or maybe even more interesting – where not. Additionally, our system has almost constant volume on distance, making it an unbelievable powerful tool in any environment.

Our technology revolutionises how the world has been using audio in the past and provides a thrilling product to professionals in the fields of events, music & entertainment. Besides a complete new possibility to apply sound, our product is also on the spearhead of 3D immersive audio and therefore provides an exciting tool for emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

We recently won the SXSW (www.sxsw.com) Interactive Innovation Award in the category Music & Audio, for providing a radical innovation in how music will be experienced in the future.

Some media reports on us:

WIRED (https://www.wired.de/collection/business/ein-startup-aus-potsdam-gewinnt-den-sxsw-interactive-innovation-award)

Gründerszene (http://www.gruenderszene.de/allgemein/berliner-startup-holoplot-sxsw)

T3N (http://t3n.de/news/deutsche-bahn-startup-holoplot-806773/)

| Your responsibilities

- Maintain, expand and improve system’s backend

- Design a scalable communication system between backend and front end

- Conception and implementation of remote updates

- Prototyping of integration with 3rd party systems/APIs, such as 3D scanners, VR, tracking, etc.

- More concrete, your tasks will be focused around the topics of

  • Optimise backend’s operating system (embedded linux)
  • Take feedback from customers, users and team. Improve workflow
  • Work alongside UI and UX designers to ensure a superior user experience
  • Real time and Time Code based software
  • Configuration and control of hardware
  • and more…

- Your tasks will be very diverse, challenging and with strong impact for the success of our company

| You

  • have gained practical experience in low-level programming and can write awesome code on C/C++
  • are familiar with Qt framework and in best case have practice with Qt modules
  • have good knowledge of embedded Linux (Arch) and are able to configure and manage the OS/Kernel
  • have good knowledge of networking, scripting and debugging
  • are badass motivated to make the best out of this job
  • write clean, high quality, maintainable and bugless code :)
  • like new challenges and are passionate about taking a deep dive into complex topics
  • are interested and familiar with audio systems and music production workflow, ideally have some knowledge about signal (audio) processing
  • work of course with repository tools and are familiar with project tracking and agile tools (Atlassian)
  • are not only smart, but a nice person and team player

| We

  • are a highly dedicated international team of engineers, tech lovers and sound enthusiasts
  • will give you challenging projects and full responsibility upon those
  • offer a competitive salary
  • work on one of the most disrupting hardware technologies currently in the global market, with high media and customer attention
  • have a nice loft office space with view over Tempelhofer Feld
  • want to make this thing big!

Let’s change the future of sound together, so join us now!

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