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About Us

Opened in October 2017 and located in the heart of New York City Times Square, National Geographic Encounter is a first-in-kind immersive entertainment experience that transports audiences on an incredible, never-before-seen undersea journey, Ocean Odyssey. National Geographic Encounter utilizes groundbreaking digital technology to create a completely new kind of entertainment experience that enables visitors to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean and get close to its greatest wonders and mightiest creatures. In the 60,000 square-foot venue, the use of innovative technologies such as video mapping, 8K photo real animation, mega projection screens, immersive sound and interactive real-time audience tracking will allow guests to virtually interact with sea lions, play with rays and dolphins, come face- to-face with humpback whales, Humboldt squids and great white sharks, all culminating in a giant dome finale.


Current openings

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