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Quality Engineer

Park Hills, MO 63601
Job Type
Salary: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 /year

Reports To: Quality Control Manager

Which positions report to this position:

None, but will lead cross-functional teams


Primary purpose of this position will be to review our standing with SAP implementation, attend all SAP implementation meetings, oversee the quality department’s master data commitments, and train all quality department employees in new SAP system. This position will free current staff to focus on SPC implementation.

After SAP implementation, this position will be the SAP champion in the department, to be the train the trainer lead, and maintain system knowledge. The position will also then expand to include leading job on & job off meetings driven by process data, quality sampling procedures, train to be the Quality Supervisor second line, and specific process improvement projects as dictated by Manufacturing Excellence.

Roles & Responsibilities :

  • SAP implementation lead
  • Handle SAP master data
  • Lead trainer for SAP in the quality department
  • Review and improve Quality Job Card functionality
  • Cross train to provide second line for AVID and RealSPC
  • Cross train to provide second line for Quality Supervisor
  • Participate in Manufacturing Excellent team
  • Facilitate SAP reporting as required by Quality Manager
  • Adhere to all Environmental & Safety requirements.
  • Any additional jobs, tasks, or responsibilities assigned by management.


High School Diploma

Mechanical degree, Chemical degree, or Industrial Maintenance degree preferred


Strong Computer knowledge over Excel (should able to program the spread sheet to derive different kinds of data and extract the reports), Power point to make presentations for management, Word and SAP to extract the data in different ways for further analysis.


Excellent communication skills along with computer knowledge and experience in SAP, Excel, Word, and Power point. Knowledge of structure of QA and the plant, sample room, and customer requirements is helpful.

Physical Requires :

Lifting (max) 50 LBS Standing (Avg. Daily) 4 hours.

Walking(Avg. Daily) 4 hours

Current openings

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