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Concrete Finisher

Grand Rapids, MI
Job Type
Salary: $14.00 /hour


Wet Finisher : The Job Post is currently looking to fill a Concrete Finisher (Wet Finisher) position at a local Grand Rapids company. The ideal candidate will have experience with Flat Work and be familiar with the use of a bull float, power trowel and hand trowel. The candidate hired for this position will be part of the team that brings our wet concrete to the appropriate finish, before the concrete cures, per the drawings and customers specifications. This team also assists other groups with miscellaneous daily tasks and responsibilities.

Dry Finisher : The Job Post is looking to add Dry Finishers to the yard team of a local Grand Rapids company. The Dry Finisher smooths and finishes surfaces of precast concrete products by performing a variety of duties. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: completing final finish on poured concrete product, using power tools and hand tools. Smooths and shapes surfaces of freshly poured concrete. Patches and blends structural concrete, working with many different raw materials. Removes rough or defective spots from concrete surfaces, and patches holes with fresh concrete or epoxy compound. Prepares finished product for shipment, repairing DR's, chips, spalls, power washing. May be required to use pressure washer and/or sandblasting equipment. Tape and cut strand, clean Burks, bag in block-outs, finish exposed side.

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