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We're Hiring Wild Pitch Girls!!!

Wild Pitch Sports Bar & Grill is accepting applications for Servers, Bartenders, and Hostesses.

This job requires the Wild Pitch Girl to interact with, entertain, and build a rapport with the Wild Pitch guests. The essence of the role is based on female sex appeal. It is additionally required that the Wild Pitch Girl sell food, beverage, and merchandise to the guests. The Wild Pitch Girl image is based on the sexy, Girl Next Door image.

The Wild Pitch Girl character is what makes the Wild Pitch concept unique. The essence of the Wild Pitch Brand Promise is that each guest who visits will be entertained by a physically fit Wild Pitch Girl with fully styled hair and makeup, a character based on female sex appeal. When an employee is wearing the Wild Pitch Uniform, she is playing a role. It is therefore essential that each Wild Pitch Girls understand that whenever she is working, she must comply with Wild Pitch Image and Costume Standards that demand a high level of fitness and fully styled hair and makeup.

The duties and responsibilities of a Wild Pitch Girl include, but are not limited to, Adhering to all Image and Costume Standards.
Interaction with and entertainment of guests. Promotion of events and specials to build rapport and promote the good will and profitability of the business. Modeling in pictures with guests, including but not limited to birthday photos or other pictures taken in the restaurant or pictures taken off-site at promotional events. Greeting guests, executing food and drink orders (including taking the order, suggestive selling, ringing in the order, delivering food and drinks to the table, checking back for re-orders, pre-bussing, and settling the check properly. Any other duty/responsibility that management may deem necessary.

No prior experience or training required. Modeling or acting experience may be helpful.

Must have TABC Certification and Food Handlers License. You can obtain these requirements here: https://www.tabccertified.com

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Additional information:

Locations in Frisco and Fort Worth. For locations, visit www.wildpitchsportsbar.com

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