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Control Room Operator

Sacramento, PA
Job Type
Salary: $14.50 /hour

Position will train on 1st shift and move to 3rd shift permanently.


  • Utilize Inventory management system (Envio) by develop and set up production runs for receiving, sorting, and final packing from information given by section supervisors.
  • Enter load weights into Envio .
  • Dump the available product from the po# into Envio wash runs .
  • Verify the bin count in envio matches with the forklift drivers bin count .
  • Collect run time data and input into Envio for each run .
  • Collect data from each PO# sorted. (2 times per load you will take samples out of each size profile and check for correct sizing)
  • Clean sorter lines of stuck potatoes and check for broken kickers regularly to assure potatoes are dropping into their proper lines.
  • Continual monitoring of washing lines, sort lines, and packing lines for damaging or dropping of potatoes.
  • Check the pick outs coming from the Odenberg to see that the programming is set correctly and kicking the correct product.
  • Set up lines 1, 2 and 3 for production and change hoppers when needed .
  • Check product for Peeps to know what to spray and log data on spray used .
  • Monitor sorter bins and if they start to back up notify receiving to see if help is available to catch up .
  • Refill Spray jugs at the end of each shift .
  • Must be able to trouble shoot alarms with the automated system and work with maintenance department on restarts due to electrical outage.
  • Properly weigh in and out trucks at the scale .
  • Load bulk loads with proper weight .
  • Set up and verify date codes on all printing equipment for accuracy and clarity .
  • Make stickers for production .
  • Track supplies and report when supplies are needed .
  • Track empty bins in the plant. (let the Receiving know when there are too many or not enough) Assist the wash bay tech when needed and help with moving field trucks .
  • Complete an accurate shift change report for the next control room operator coming in .
  • Inform forklift operators of changes made through daily operations and PO# of product running on the sorter.
  • Must be able to continually think ahead to run lines as efficiently as possible by running both the east and west lanes when possible.
  • Maintain accurate data on what trucks have been unloaded, what trucks are in the lot waiting to be unloaded and what trucks are scheduled for the remainder of the day.
  • Any free time should be spent cleaning

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